Savage:Dragonrider Legacy,Book 1

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Savage is the first installment in the Dragonrider Legacy novel series. It is a fictional novel for the younger audience. The author of this novel and the series is Nicole Conway who has done some really impressive work for the teen audience including children. A couple of her most significant novels include Vicious Vows and Fledgling.

Jesse Einstein is an experienced narrator and has got a lot of successful performance under his belt and even with his pairing in Nicole’s novels. His performance in Savage is outstanding and there was nothing as such to complain about.

Forty long years have gone by since Jaevid managed to bring peace in Luntharda and Maldobar. But, this fragile armistice would be thoroughly tested just as the darkness makes its way on the horizon. The cruel armies of Tibran Empire have got well over the far seas. They are looking threatening enough to destruct Maldobar. Even the Dragonriders were in no position to match the extent of the war machines of Tibran. The fate and future of Maldobar were looking quite grim especially after the failed efforts made to awake Jaevid from his divine sleep.

Reigh has no idea that what does it mean to be a regular or a normal human. He was raised along with the gray elves and he tried almost everything to fit in. But, the mysterious dark power inside him is teeming. All that was causing them to refuse in remaining silent.

Savage makes a good start to the Dragonrider Legacy novel series. It is quite a tempting novel for young adult audiences and will keep them looking for all the further novels to come in this series.

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