Save Her Soul

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Beverly Urban’s body comes to the town as a result of a flood, she looks cold and colorless which means that she had died several days ago. None of the people in the town are alarmed to see the death of the girl who was not normal mentally. Most people think that she committed suicide or slipped into the river when its bank broke. Josie Quinn does not believe all of this at all because she finds Beverly on the jacket which once belonged to her ex-husband. Josie’s ex-husband died a long time ago but she still remembers that baseball jacket that he used to wear.

The girl who has been found dead also was emotionally attached to Ray when she was in high school so there is a chance that she might have the jacket as a souvenir. But what if the jacket is the original cause of her murder or is an alarming signal given to Josie through the dead body. When the bullet is detected in the head of the girl Josie is on to it in a flash and predicts something big is going on. Meanwhile, the mother of the girl also gets killed when she tries to tell the truth to the police. Lisa Regan’s ninth book comes to us with a lot of surprises that were below power in Her Silent Cry and Cold Heart Creek. Mysteries always make detective stories more interesting or we can say that mysteries form the base of detective stories. Kate Handford narrates the book in segments this time. The first portion was plain, then the second portion got the sting in it and the last portion was quick paced.

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