Say You Still Love Me

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Crush in the school time comes back to Piper Calloway when she wasn’t expecting it but she cannot say no to it once he is in front of her. Piper a girl with all the money in her grasp, plus the power with it cannot just enjoy life to its full potential.

She is twenty nine and still unmarried thus her mental state is wild though she does not show it from the outside. She is the VP in her dad’s firm and that’s why she always remains careful about the scandals. Her ex works in the office parallel to hers and seeing him every morning also gives her a creepy feeling now. In all these confusions she founds an old school mate who works as a security guard now.

Though the man is not up to her standards socially but she gets emotionally charged up whenever she sees him. Kyle Miller was Piper’s first love in school but the problem is that he does not remember her name even. Piper on the other hand thinks that he is telling a lie, he just wants to hide his feelings from her and nothing else. The girl is no ready to bring out those hidden feeling in Kyle no matter what the consequences.

The love is getting more and more intense in these new novels in One Tiny Lie and Four Seconds to Lose  the extremity factor was not that much apparent but now it is rocking the scenes. K.A. Tucker perhaps has started loading things in the novels according to public demand and so far it is working for the author. Required passion lacked to some extent in Devon Sorvari’s voice because at some places there was need to show lust in the voice.

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