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Romantic series is going on well with the adventures and misadventures of men and especially women. Women and their relationship with men are discussed with different angles by L. J. Shen, no picture perfect people are seen and the corruption is also not lies in the evil category.

Again another man who is not a young person any more is stalked by the lusty heroine. She wants him but then she is afraid of him because of the fact that he talks very few and far between. The words that come out of his mouth are calculated and the man does not possess the habit of repeating himself at all. Known as “The Mute” himself cannot understand why the girl is some much into him. The girl is just eighteen and teenagers usually don’t like middle aged gentleman who cannot go with them to the parties and stand awake till late nights. The girl wants to have that man who is her father’s partner and has never shown such intentions for her.

She is absolutely sure about the consequences too; the scandal is something her family cannot afford at this stage. And now she thinks that her teenage mind is making the scandal as well. It is like a prize she is eyeing at and is desperate about it. Christian and Savannah Peachwood the pick for the entire series are unobjectionable in all standards they proved themselves the best in Ruckus and Vicious and now this one isn’t bad either. Not the females alone are given a supreme touch the male in the novels also possesses a gripping and sensational voice.

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