Scarlet Carnation

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Laila Ibrahim is an author who has written everything with a special purpose in mind. The author’s main goal has been to provide people with a picture of the real world in the early 20th century. Yellow Crocus carved a strong picture in our minds about the ways in which black people were treated in the past. The culture has not been the only theme in these books, Mustard Seed told the story of unforgettable love between a black and a white as well.

Bahni Turpin has narrated all of these books so the quality of narration remains the same in all the books and it is a good sign for the fans. Two women battle their way into a society that is not favorable for both of them. Both of these ladies have nothing to do with society rather they want to arrange their life perfectly. Still, society tries to intervene which is not a good thing. May happens to be a white woman and she like other women of her age wants an independent life but her life has not presented her with this opportunity.

She is dependent on her mother in more than one way which is pinching for her. Naomi is a black woman and a nurse by profession, all she wants is a nice place to live in society. She has been able to buy a house in the absence of her sons who are serving on the war front. She thought that it would be a nice surprise for them but the society is dominated by white people and they don’t want to see Naomi living among them.

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