Scars The Horus Heresy, Book 28

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Chris Wraight talks about another fight, luckily this one is without a treachery rather this part makes the stance of the different parties quite clear. Utilitarian approach in the past has created ambiguity in the minds of many because they are not clear about their enemies and the allies now. Among all the legions there is only one that still fights for honor more than anything and can die for it without remorse.

This legion known as the White Scars is true warrior who still follows the old codes of war. But they have helped different sides in the time of war in the past and in the previous chapters the Warmaster even took some help of the Emperor in one way of the other. Thus there is an unclear situation that whether the White Scars are with one side or the other.

After Horus’ issue both sides need help because they have found themselves weak in front of the enemy and now there is an attack from the Alpha Legion when no one was expecting it. White Scars also get heavy blows and for their own survival they too want an alliance with one of the parties real quick.

Haste can be smelled from all sides just like Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor’s Legion and The Lords Of Silence with the promise of a lot of action at the end. Jonathan Keeble the old battle axe narrates another one and he has been the one who has narrated perhaps the most parts of the series. Whether it was a solo performance or in a team Keeble was there in most parts.

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