Sea of Swords

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Sea of Swords is the ultimate book in the ever-loved Legend of Drizzt novel series. It is authored by R. A. Salvatore with sheer brilliance. The characters are portrayed with immense elegance and will make you fall in love with its storyline. Moreover, Victor Bevine has also concluded this last chapter of the series with one of his best performances as a narrator.

Drizzt is in no position at all to just hope about the safety of Wulfgar, especially when Aegis-far, the great Warhammer was found registered at the back of a spiteful outlaw. The dark elf along with his supporters set out on the hunt of the barbarian Wulfgar once and for all. They find out a few pieces of puzzle, which details the expected life of their friend as of now and that made Drizzt even more charged to locate him soon. Wulfgar during the search for him by his friends was actually sailing with Captain Deudermont for the sake of finding Aegis-fang. Aegis-fang at that time was in the hands of Sheila Kree, who is a vile pirate. But, the pirate was also charged and not just sitting around to get caught soon and easily. She had plans of her own.

The last novel of the series is a very special work by the author in every possible way. It is an epic fantasy science fiction venture, where the scope of the characters and the storyline will keep you entertained for hours. As a recommendation, the Boundless: A Drizzt Novel and Streams of Silver novels by R. A. Salvatore must be considered if you are planning to listen more audio books from the author.


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