Season of Storms

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Witcher series is always a good choice for the weekend as it is short and also the books are not linked with one another they are like separate missions of the same hero so it is not compulsory for the listener to go through the rest of the parts as well before starting the latest one.

The series never tend to get boring as each part has a flavor of its own, a different riddle, a different enemy and different circumstances but Geralt adopts the situation with least of difficulty as can do anything with his magical positions, signs and of course the two deadly swords that he possesses. This time however he loses his weapons that have been being main strength against his rivals that are all deadly monsters.

It’s a race against time situation as he has to get the weapons back before its too late the season of storms is coming and it’s not a good sign at all because the monster world is gaining strength as they are unifying against the innocents and Geralt seems to be the only hope, but what can he do without his weapons and would he be able to find his weapons in time is the main question that the novel poses in front of us at the very beginning.

This one-man army however still never for a moment shows signs of worry or fear. This part of Andrzej Sapkowski’s series is also present in translated from as well. The narrator is the same, the one who narrated Sword of Destiny, the narration is overall good, though there are some issues at the start in the end, it’s a good pair with the story.




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The Witcher Saga:

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    Sword of Destiny

    Killing Floor


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