Second Betrothed Series, Book 6

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It is back to Hades personal life and no doubt it has been a tragic one, he is a man of strong nerves as he has not committed suicide till now but he cannot take any further. Along with Hades and Sofia there is another couple now that bears almost the same fate. Damien and Anna had love for one another in First but the Skull King got in the way.

Damien wanted to save everyone connected to him especially Anna thus he pushed her away as far as possible. Now they are just friends like Hades and Sofia and Anna is all ready to remarry her ex-husband Liam. Of course the situation becomes unbearable for Damien who still loves Anna from the core of his heart.

The problems seems to grow more and more for Damien as the creature from the underworld always appears on places and in situations that make Damien’s position miserable. He loses interest in all the other girls that he meets in his everyday life and the more he tries to run away from Anna the more he is attracted towards her. Another attractive tale by Penelope Sky and these strange romantic stories just keep on oozing out from writer’s mind.

More intense in passion than Lover , Michael Ferraiuolo and Lia Langola knew exactly what to do with it in narration. Though there are tragedies and underworld characters in the series but the scenes are not always the crying sort there is ample space for humor in all the books. Here too there are some chapters that are written just for fun and not associated to the tragic drama.

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