Second Glance

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Ghost hunting is renewed by Jodi Picoult who never wrote that much about ghosts before but it is a good first effort no doubt. Fiction is not something new for the author but burial grounds and the cultural beliefs of the Indians is a new dimension that touches. It is evident that she has done quite a research for all this i.e collecting material that is not often there in the books.

Writing anything in a wrong way could have launched a protest by the Indians because it is associated to their beliefs. Comtosook is the place where it all happens when a man tries to sell a piece of land that most people think is a burial ground. As the work is under progress several supernatural incidents bring havoc to the working sight. The company is left with no other option rather than to bring the specialist on the job.

Ross Wakeman the renowned ghost hunter comes for his role, Ross has gone through everything in his life and though he has tried to end his life many times but still life brings him back. All he wants his to meet the woman he loved so much in his life, this town makes him connected with another strange sort of a woman who has the same powers. The only difference between the two is that she is looking for something big.

Not that much variety in the narration that we observed in A Spark of Light and Leaving Time, still George Guidall does well single handedly. Ghostly sounds are uttered with skill and were the prime focus of the narrator he wanted to provide the effect of the ghosts on the audience.

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