Secret Keepers (1-3)

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Romance in paranormal stories is a new thing that is emerging quite rapidly these days; such is the case in this trilogy by Jaymin Eve. There are two narrators used in the series Vanessa Moyen and Lauren Ezzo both of them have narrated different parts but there is no difference in the standard of their narration as both have done the job perfectly. The story opens in a simple manner when Emma comes to a new place and she is told to live her life according to the rules of the town, she is not allowed to cross the street and move to the other side of the street.

At first Emma thinks it weird but she adapts to the whole situation quite well till the day when her guardians go missing and she is left with no other way rather than to search for them the only place that is in front of their house the other side of the street. She realizes the danger of the other side but after crossing the line and with no way back. The other side of the streets appears to be another world that seems to be full of horrors for the poor little girl. The second and the third part have different girls in them i.e Callie and Maya but the paranormal element and the world which is not human is the same from which there is no way out, once you enter the domain of these monsters there is no way out except to lose your human appearance.

Jaymin proves to be the best when it comes to describing things that are fictional or not connected to the human world in other books like Storm Princess Saga – Everly Frost, Jaymin Eve, A Walker Saga (1-7) – Jaymin Eve, Strength (Curse of the Gods #4) – Jane Washington, Jaymin Eve the writer has portrayed the worlds that are far different from the world that we know. The description of these lands and the introduction of the fictional characters is always complete and attractive to the human mind.





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