Secret of the Red Arrow

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Hardy boys are here to save the town they love so much but trouble has just got bigger for them in this first part of the series. Frank and Joe also known as the Hardy Boys in the town possess the ability to get to the core of any problem in a flash. They keep a check on the crime scenes and also on the unexpected happenings that take place in their home town. A little while ago some strange pranks started in Bayport, though everyone was irritated by the thing no harm was done.

The Hardy boys started to trace the one behind these stupid jokes and the track led them to Seth Diller i.e their classmate. Catching him was not difficult; however, the problem of the pranks didn’t stop after his capture. New pranks start to take place only this time the pranks are life-taking. Trace takes the Hardy boys close to Red Arrow i.e a gang that has its fame in such activities.

Frank and Joe get terrified a little at first but then they look committed. Franklin W. Dixon creates perfect lads here who have a long-lasting future in the world of high ranked detectives. One who listens to this book in Tim Gregory’s voice will be unable to control himself to pick A Treacherous Tide and Dungeons & Detectives after this. Suspense exists in the novel but thrill infuses the situation with flying colors. The Hardy boys chasing the bad guys all the time just look amazing and dashing. And this is just the beginning of the series, there is much more to come in this adventure tale in the coming books.

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