Secret Prey

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John Sandford’s Prey novel series is a thing not to be missed by book lovers looking for some great mystery storytelling and exceptional portrayal of characters. Another audio book having 12 hours length, which truly justifies each and every scene that it has by ideally connecting and building the story further.

The audio book has voice of Richard Ferrone, who has proved to be the unanimous choice in such crime stories due to his suitability and understanding of the characters. This one is just another example of his brilliance in becoming the voice of the main characters.

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The three pillars of Secret Prey novel are its excellent plot, realistic story and a great villain. The imaginative plotting of John Sandford is so special that the listener has no other option than to believe if everything is happening for real. The author has beautifully picturized the crime scene of a single murder that eventually turns into serial killing with one murder after the other.

But, tracking down the murderer wasn’t that easy. A lot of hints and whispers that pointed out to things a lot more than just a simple murder or a series of murders.

A lot of relationships were effected and things got emotional as well, which the listeners could also feel very closely.

You may have read a lot of thrillers, but not much books could surpass the suspense and thrill that this book creates with extraordinary narration.

The magnificence of Prey novel series and other crime stories by John Sandford is spread well beyond this novel. You can witness the same, if not better storytelling quality in Neon Prey and Holy Ghost, which are a couple of his other novels quite popular among the audio book lovers.


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