Secrets Never Die

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Morgan Dane Series, Book 5

A teenager in distress this time takes the help of Morgan and her PI Lance Kruger who is trapped in the murder case and the one murdered in none other than an old retired sheriff of the town and Evan’s stepfather.

The more Lance and Morgan want to save the boy the more clues they find that goes against the boy and they cannot find any other character related to the whole thing as the sheriff never had any enmity with the people of the town he was not involved in any sort of disputes either. Just when everyone is ready to accept that Evan is the murderer of his step dead another sheriff retired from the job is murdered and he too had a connection with Evan’s stepdad.

One thing becomes clear for Morgan and Lance that Evan could be the next victim of the criminal but the new thing that happens this time in this fifth part of the Morgan series by Melinda Leigh is that the two detectives fail to find the one they had to save. They try to find Evan with the help of his mother but he is nowhere to be found and thus in order to save him they first had to find him and that too of course before the murderer because if he reaches Evan it would be over for all of them in no time.

The novel has twists as compared to Say You’re Sorry and  Her Last Goodbye in which there was a race against time but the story does not jump here and there unlike this part that really takes you on a bumpy ride. Cris Dukehart once again grips us with the voice that has become a part of this whole series up till now.



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