Seeds of Rebellion

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Seeds of Rebellion is a novel written by Brandon Mull. This fictional novel is apt for teens and preteen audience. The book is the 2nd installment in one of the bestselling novel series, Beyonders. Brandon Mull is exceptionally good to give the best out of his imagination for younger audience. A couple of his good novels include Master of the Phantom Isle and Wrath of the Dragon King. The narration of Seeds of Rebellion is done brilliantly by Jeremy Bobb.

After the ending of the cliffhanger in the first installment of the series, Jason in Seeds of rebellion is back in his known world. He discovers himself itching to go back to Lyrian despite after all attempts he made to get back home. He knows that the stunning truth revealed from Maldor is extremely precious. This is something, which all of his mates including Rachel also need, if they want to have any hope of defeating the emperor and surviving as well.

Rachel and a few other folks in the meanwhile have made new enemies. At the same time, they have also discovered some new abilities, which could completely overturn the entire quest. As soon as Jason manages to go back to Lyrian, he will be in a lot more danger than ever before.

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Once the entire group in quest reunites, they tried hard to convince their most critical ally to join them in the war and form a strong rebellion to win over Maldor. In between all this, Rachel and Jason both realized that what specific roles they both need to play in their quest. The answers to all those were quite surprising just as they shape up in the story. Things started to get more interesting from here. Member Benefit

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