Seeker: Monster Slayer

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Sam Ryder successful in leveling up for the third time and that’s how he survives now if he fails in any of the levels his grave would be build in Tor. Sam wanted to go home in the beginning because he was brought to this world by force and was not given an opportunity to say “no”. He survived after struggling hard but with every level up he got super human strength and the love of the goddesses which made him attracted toward this fantasy more than the real life. Now he is like a war machine with an upgraded weapon.

In Warrior: Monster Slayer and Protector: Monster Slayer he had a hammer at his disposal but after the third up gradation that hammer has transformed into a chisel. The senses of the man have also improved more than a hundred times and he can feel everything from a distance, including the appeal of the goddesses.

Up till now only one heart has been secured, that belong to the sky goddess and the rest of the two are still in the hands of the demons. Without the restoration of those two hearts Sam just cannot finish the game which means that a threat to his life is always hanging on his head.

The expert voice of Soren Gray once again has done magic in narration. The narrator surely has magic because the two modes of the story i.e action and love fantasy both are narrated with minimal of weakness. We can hear about Sam’s enjoyment with the goddesses and then can also hear about his fights where he is using his hammer to pound the heads of the evil monsters.

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