Seize the Night

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Christopher Snow found out the true purpose of life in Fear Nothing and he is aware that the weakness that was put in him had a purpose. He cannot bear the light but he can keep an eye on everything at night. Genetic weakness has made Christopher the dark night of Moonlight Bay and he is glad to accept the duty. Last case was solved accurately and more severe one hit the scene now. Children are disappearing very fast at Moonlight Bay and there is no clue or evidence against anyone.

Police department also does not take any step in this regard because most of the members of the department are corrupt. Some police officers have a history of having relations with the criminals in the past. Thus the department tries to keep the masses quiet instead of trying to solve their issues. But the town has a hero that has no fear to run a mission in the dark, he enjoys coming out on the streets in the dark as the darkness fascinates him. According to many influential people of the town, the abducted children are dead but Christopher thinks that it is not true.

The children are alive according to Christopher and are kept hostage by the biggest devil that the town has ever seen. John Glouchevitch’s narration brings chill of horror that reminds us of Forever Odd. Many innocent lives are on the line in this novel and the end proves that the darkness of heart is more dangerous than the darkness that spreads during the night. Christopher however confronts both with supreme courage that he possesses in his heart.



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    Fear Nothing-Moonlight Bay

    Nightmare Keep


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