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Laurel K. Hamilton provided breaks to the vampire hunter Anita Blake in many parts but those breaks were in relationships not in her job. Rest is needed by the woman who has fought so hard for her survival and the survival of the people around her. Finally, an unusually relaxing time enters the life of Anita Blake. Edward becomes the cause of this momentous happening as he provides Anita a chance to move to Florida for some days. Micah and Nathaniel were already loaded for the trip and the team starts towards the destination sooner than expected. They were hoping to see a new side of life during their leisure time, instead of leisure time they get trapped in another conspiracy.

On the arrival, they hear about the curse that is laid on a family for centuries. At first, no one considered it important but then women from the hotel start vanishing without any clue for the investigating team. Most of the people staying on the island think that the strange friends of Anita are behind all of this mischief.

Anita for the safety of her friends takes on the challenge and leaves the dream of a pleasurable time far behind. It is not the first time that Anita’s dreams have shattered, in Cerulean Sins and Incubus Dreams she became disturbed because of personal situations. But after each problem or issue that Anita faces she comes back with full force. Kimberly Alexis’ narration can tell in which mode Anita is in now, she is ready to take any sort of risk that might lead to the freedom of her friends.

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