Servant of the Shard

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A. Salvatore is making a grand comeback here with his entirely new novel series, Forgotten Realms – Sellswords. The series is individual but links somehow with his popular Legend of Drizzt novel series. Servant of the Shard is the opening book of his new series. It is an epic fantasy science fiction novel. For narration, Victor Bevine is again the default choice of the author and once again he has impressed his followers with all his skills and expertise in the field of narration.

He is surrounded complete by a group of dark elves. Artemis Entreri is fully equipped and determined with his tight grip over the Calimport streets. His group of black sponsors were fully motivated and ambitious this time to attain their targets, while Artemis Entreri urges for caution. The assassin are expected to find him very soon and that too on the path, where his biggest enemy had walked ahead of him. This is the path, which leads to a point, where someone like Artemis Entreri would never be entertained or welcomed.

On the other hand, Jarlaxle had moved ahead of the dark Menzoberranzan and that too with all evil intentions. The Crystal Shard influence over him has multiplied big time, until the agents of drow he brought along with him develop to be dreadful. Jarlaxle will be forced in order to locate a survivor in the person, who has actually come to dominate completely.

Exile and Homeland are the novels also written by R. A. Salvatore. They are highly recommended novels by the author and you must check them out before any other novel from the popular Legend of Drizzt series.




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