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Seveneves tells the story of superheroes who are trying to save the world from destruction and extermination. When an unfortunate event occurs, it placed the earth in a precarious position where extinction is imminent.  

But to save the dear earth, all nations in the world must come together as a unifying force. There has to be a way to take the survival of humanity beyond its original habitat. So, the plan to relocate humanity to a safer outer space began. However, the complex and unpredictable nature of humanity, as well as the unforeseen dangers and challenges ahead, threaten these fearless pioneers.

5,000 years after their troubled past, the survivors had grown larger into 3 billion people split into 7 distinct races. And another audacious journey began. These brave men stepped into another adventure of discoveries into the unknown: a territory that has been completely transformed by time and disaster.

Stephenson tried to include humor in specific sections to make it even more interesting to read.  And his level of humor in this book is top-notch. There is great attention to detail and stronger linkup with characters too. It’s not easy to pull off character linkup in a sci-fi thriller, but Stevenson just did it.

The character development and storyline is awesome, as you will expect from a Neal Stephenson’s work.  The characters were well thought out, each with their contribution towards the climax of the story. He successfully pulled off this one with intriguing tales of brave men who are looking to make a difference in their world.

Neal Stephenson captured every aspect of this book with the right feeling. As a super adventurous book, the narratives follow a good sequence, most especially the first two-thirds of the book.  He combines literature, psychology, technology, philosophy, and science in a thrilling and captivating manner.

Those who love adventure and exploration may like the storytelling sequence of the book. Those who want more books like this, One Trillion Dollars – Andreas Eschbach and Last of the Breed – Louis L’Amour will be great as well.


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