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Kyle Kirrin’s fantasy tales are rocking at every step, the author creates stories which are not linked to the world of facts but still there is a lot of magnetic effect in them. It is Ned who becomes the prime focus in this story. The main character gets frustrated from the real world because of the constant tension and anxiety. Thus escaping into the virtual world seems to be the perfect solution for Ned in order to get rid of all the worries in a single blow.

Also in this virtual world, Ned gets a upper hand because he gets a Head Start and also a talking axe named Frank. The talking axe has a lot of secrets related to this game world but it does not want to share it with anyone. Still there is a chance that Frank will leak those secrets in front of Ned when the time comes.

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So all the players who enter the game after Ned want the axe which will help them to get strong in the game. Ned and his axe i.e Frank become the prime target in the game as they run for their life and also for the benefits which they can get before the other players.

Travis Baldree has narrated Black Sand Baron too so he can be called the official narrator for the entire series. Travis not only provides an exact voice, he also brings the true nature of the characters to the audience. Each character is revealed in his or her true personality by the help of the voice which is given to it by the narrator. Member Benefit

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