Shadow & Flame

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The second book of the Onyx and Ivory series by Mindee Arnett opens a new chapter in the life of the main character, Kate Brighton.

Who no longer is called a traitor after the war that she won. She is now called the Wilder Queen. But that is a title she never liked to have for herself as she is not a warrior by nature.

Though, she saved a lot of lives in the war at the same time, the war engulfed several of the near and dear ones. That she keeps closer to her in the form of tattoos on her arm.

There is another thing that she reminds herself daily and from time to time i.e the peace is not forever. In order to prolong the peacetime she has to keep her throne strong. It is because the King of Rime, Edwin can play his game at any time whenever he would find them unprepared.

Two wars start at the same time towards the middle of the novel as Kate and her allies are threatened by Rimish. In addition to an army also assembles to conquer Rime as well it seems to be the perfect time for Kate to help the enemy of her enemy.

The story plays quite an interesting role as the fighters are forced to take sides in order to save their lives and the lives of the people they love. Khristine Hyam’s narration really fuels up the things especially the war scenes, the war scenes also reminds us about Onyx & Ivory and The Nightmare Dilemma and other stories of the writer in which the war plays a deciding role between two groups or the negative and positive forces in the novel.

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