Shadow of a Dark Queen

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Peter Joyce narrates the new saga of the Riftwar cycle with the news of the emergence of the dark queen. Ancient powers approach the land once again which means trouble for the locals who have now seen no war for ages. The dark queen means business and it is approaching with full might, the armies of the enemy has not been unified like this in The King’s Buccaneer or Prince of the Blood. People of the kingdom need heroes and they have been blessed by heroic figures whenever they have needed them in the past.

Saviors that come to face the terror of the queen this time are not heroes at all. Erick the one leading the campaign is actually not a pure blood rather he is a bastard who has been thrown out of the family because of his low birth. Then comes Roo a trusted friend of Erick but by profession he is actually a thief. Lastly there is Miranda in whose love the two boys have really gone crazy.

She is not true to any of them even the mission is not anything of her concern; all she wants is to fulfill her own desires. Raymond E. Feist does not leave the old habit of newness and in this trilogy characterization is the most unique thing that we find.

Rest of the work including magic and war is associated to the old themes but a less noble gang really takes the audience by surprise. Darkness is approaching to the land and all the audience can do is pray for these unlikely heroes to perform correctly and in time.

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