Shadow of the Giant

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Shadow of the Giant is a highly compelling 9th chapter of the popular The Enderverse novel series and it is also the 4th book of the Ender’s Shadow saga. Orson Scott Card is the author of the subject novel and the entire series, of course. The narration of this novel was jointly given by a team of renowned narrators, namely, Scott Brick and David Birney.

Bean, who was once known as the smallest kid in the Battle School and was also considered as the right hand of Ender Wiggin has now grown up into a sort of super power on Earth. He served the Hegemon as a general and a strategist in all the critical wars they fought, which then followed Ender’s conquest of the alien empire with the intention of confronting Earth.

Now, he is at a position to look for a safe place and not only this, but to build his family as well. This is actually something, which he has never ever known about. However, there is no place on Earth, which does not harbor his adversaries.

This includes all his old rivals from the days in Ender’s Jeesh and also those new adversaries from the wars fought in Earth. In order to find security, Petra and Bean should one again follow in the footsteps of Ender Wiggin. They should leave behind Earth and that too in the full control of the Hegemon. Then, they could go on to look at the stars. This all is told in this story by the author and through the voice of its narrators in a very beautiful manner.

Xenocide and Speaker for the Dead novels are excellently written by the author, Orson Scott Card and deserves a chance to be listened.




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