Shadow Princess

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It is not one of those books which would end at trilogy, there is so much in the minds of Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti that their pens cannot stop. More and more stories and adventure will keep on coming until the entire energy of the authors is drained and it surely is an impossible thing.

Also the liking of the authors for the series has kept it alive all these years. Narrators Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux have also not looked tired which clarifies their liking for the stories along with the two authors. The four heirs are still against the main character and they just want to get rid of her for the sake of the throne. Moreover the shadows that have been haunting her from The Reckoning and Zodiac Academy 2 have become stronger than ever.

She thinks that those shadows have started dominating her mind and soul and will soon take a control of her body too. All of it does not mean that she is giving up against those who have tortured her for so long in the academy. Moreover the life of a loved one is at stake and losing her would mean a permanent defeat which would be indigestible.

Thus the main character starts a battle from the inner demons and also the demons which have started to spread all around her. Fighting would only help her in getting rid of the demons and beasts, otherwise they will soon be enjoying her as their feast. Concept of the shadows has remained the highlight of this series and those who have not listened to the previous parts must give some time to the first three parts.

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