Shadowed Souls

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Second episode in the series with short stories, the first such part was among the fan favorite and this one is not far behind in scores. Jim Butcher plays the same trick that he adopted in Side Jobs thus there is fun for everyone. One big change is in the narration this time and many voices come to the scene in different pages and stories. Jim Butcher himself has played the role of the narrator for this one along with Julia Whelan, Justine Eyre, Mia Barron, Jon Lindstrom, Mozhan Marno and MacLeod Andrews.

Starting tale is right on target as it tells us that success is a must and it does not matter what tools are being used. Molly a good student of Harry believes on such a thing and thus for the prize that she is looking for she is ready to adopt any mean necessary. Second story lands in the lap of the boogeyman whose name is not a new one for the kids, the boogeyman kidnaps a girl and thus Elsie lands for the rescue or we can say she is thrown in for the rescue.

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Then there are other creatures as well and the author has tried too much if compared to White Night getting too far from the main stream is a terrible experiment. Perhaps the author wanted to add these newly introduced characters in the later stage of the series that’s why he has added all of them in these short stories. Nothing wrong with the presentation and story description just the presence of too many voices and characters confuse the listener a little.


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