Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell & Perfect State

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This audio book is a collection of some short and amazing stories. It is a product of Brandon Sanderson as an author and you can very well imagine the quality of writing and the excitement of fans, when anything is coming from a writer of his stature. All the stories in this audiobook are based on science fiction fantasies, which is what the author Brandon Sanderson is known for.  The narration of this audio book is done by Christian Rummel and Kate Reading.

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Who are those naming their daughter as “Silence” and what does this name Silence actually imply? How does it feel and how does it matter growing up with this name? The answer for all these questions can be found in the notion of a brave pioneer woman, who use to run a guesthouse right on the frontier. She also use to draw the shabbiest criminals that the place has got to offer. After that, she was tracking them all through their way once the leave her inn and finally kill them for their bounties.

The Perfect State sets Kairominas, the God Emperor on a date. What actually happens when the most significant man on the planet earth is forced for a dinner with the most significant woman on the same planet?

Brandon Sanderson is a class when it comes to writing the top of the line science fiction novels. He is amazing and you really cannot conclude on calling on his style of writing by just going through a single novel. If you are looking for more work from the author then do check out The Way of Kings and Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection.



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