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A story of homecoming described in a different way by Gillian Flynn. Camille Preaker a reporter of a newspaper which is not the leading one in the town struggles to get her job going after having psychological problems not because of her present situation but because of her troubled past from which she wants to hide all the time.

Dramatic element is there in the story when Camille has to return back to her hometown in order to complete a story. Suddenly the visions of the past become clearer in front of her eyes; visions that make her lose her personality. She comes back to the Victorian mansion and to her mother and sister who too are a bit odd in behavior just to finish a story related to the murder of two girls.

The murdered girls look a little familiar to her which horrifies her even further, still, she wants to solve the story, not because of the newspaper she is working in but this time she wants to fight her inner demons at any rate so that she can live a normal life. The secrets of the past are not always pleasing when they are revealed so is the case with Camille, she has to bring back things that she is trying to bury right from her childhood, things which never let her free even in her dreams.

The story thus works on a psychological level more than in the physical world there is also suspense as we are always trying to peep in the past to know what happened to Camille when she was a little girl and why her mother is in such a precarious state. Ann Marie Lee is good at narrating these murder mysteries and the job is nicely done in this book’s narration as well.

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