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Book one by Kele Moon and Laurann Dohner presented the clan of werewolves in which the listener heard about love, madness, and bloodsucking. The second installment of the Nightwind Pack presents before us another girl who is looking for a perfect mate but she is tired of the men from the human world.

Throughout her life she has been dumped by men all the time, she was just a teenager when her first relation broke and now she is on the verge of another chaos. A call from home brings Amber to her mother’s place where the rest of the family is also present. As soon as she returns to the home town she finds herself getting mixed with the werewolf issues.

Many want a piece of her but the first love of her life returns to her aid. Desmon in his youth had an affair with Amber but then the werewolf issue made his life complicated as a result of which he left her. This time Desmon too needs a relation as his mate is not with him anymore, so when Amber comes closer once again he does not say no this time. Both of the characters know about the consequences but they just cannot resist the temptations. Just like Claimed and Defying the Odds the book moves on two different levels.

First, it paints the love of the couple that cannot live without each other. Secondly, the book tells us about the war that the relation between the two lovers has started. Their belonging to two different kinds of beings starts a battle between the two worlds. Narrator Suzanne T. Fortin gives more attention to the scenes with love and emotion as compared to the fight scenes and surely it was the right thing to do in a romantic novel.

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