Shelter in Place

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Surely the book discusses the current problem that the world faces these days’ i.e terrorist attacks. The crime of a few minutes can destroy the lives of several people within this short time span and leaves them with no chances of survival even if they survive the gunshot or the bomb blast. Terrorism affects the mind and soul of the people forever.

The book in an excellent way describes the condition of survivors who face shooting for only for eight minutes but they were unable to forget the scene even after eight years. Nora Roberts changes a simple scene of Poland mall into a catastrophe which makes us think that accidents can happen anywhere at any time.

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Also, different people are affected differently by such accidents, for example, one of the survivors devotes his life to the police service to save people from such incidents, one joins the field of arts to describe his feelings of that particular catastrophe.

Another one, however, an exceptional case rebuilds himself once again and for him, these things are not enough he wants to put an end to such attacks and learns quickly that there will be another such attack quite soon which would be such disastrous that nobody would be able to hide under any shelter.

The story is less fictional and more real which separates it from the rest and also brings to our attention this important issue of the present time. January LaVoy has narrated the crime scene quite effectively. The narration is so powerful that one can create the whole scene in his mind and can feel himself to be one of the survivors. 
Other fantastic books form the author that would be a great way to have a wonderful time include, Year One, The Liar, and Tribute which you should not be missing out.


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