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R.J. Palacio this time takes the help of Taylor Ann Krahn for the narration of his wonder, another chapter from the life of Auggie Pullman. This time the story does not shift between the past and the present, the whole thing is in the present scenario when Auggie starts his life in Beecher Prep. This time there is no Christopher who knows the face right from childhood. The third in the series this time describes the odd face through Charlotte who was given the tough job of welcoming Auggie in the class for the first time in Beecher Prep.

As a fifth-grader, it was difficult for her to adopt the whole thing at once and also being the first one to step forward and spread the hand of friendship toward someone she was even afraid of. The writer has chosen a girl for the performance of this third act just to show the opinion of girls towards such boys. It is difficult for a girl and especially when she is a fifth grader to befriend such a face instead of running away from the scene. She never makes fun of it or talks of it as an issue with her newly arrived classmate whom she not only welcomes but also becomes the first one to accept the newcomer with his odd and peculiar face. Charlotte is the one with friendship with the most elegant looking boy in the class whose friendship was a dream of each girl at that level, still, she manages to accept Auggie, and at the end of the story, she even writes a precept. Charlotte does not show sympathy rather she plays the role of a genuine friend.

From the story, we heard in the books Wonder, Auggie & Me and We’re All Wonders this book also turns out to be interesting for the people who liked them.


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