Ships and Stings and Wedding Rings

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St Mary’s team has done several blunders during there several tours to the past but they have always assured one thing i.e the present remains unchanged. If the past changes it would change the present and the future which means it would threat their existence even. Secondly their prime purpose has always been to witness the hidden truths not to alter the truths in the past.

There is tiny error according to many who are new in the team but can cause a gigantic disturbance in history according to Max. They have forgotten a loaded gun in the past and if anyone tries to use or even check it, the history can be changed with his or her sudden death. Weapons of such type were never invented in that era, not even gun powder. Max has to go back once again it is Christmas time and they are running out of time to pull this small but important job.

In the meanwhile a clumsy thing happens, the man who has been the spice in When a Child Is Born or A Symphony of Echoes is been poisoned and the one who has done this clumsy thing is Max. It was never her intension to poison Mr. Markham after all he was among the trust worth people that she had but the fate just don’t go her way in the past.

Just when she needs most Max is outnumbered and the mission that was just of entering and leaving becomes a hell of a thing.  Jodi Taylor the author and Zara Ramm the narrator have done it once again by creating a master piece after starting with a single stroke.

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