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By the Shores of Silver Lake Audiobook

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    By the Shores of Silver Lake

    This is the fifth book in the line of the series the little house describing all the life ventures of Laura Ingalls as she continues with her family members. Laura has written down the best and the most details parts of the life as the pioneer girl in America and she also describes how she managed to get through without leaving hope and happiness behind.

    Narrated by Cherry Jones, this adventure of Laura consists of the story when the family of Laura starts to leave the little house on the plum creek bank and they plan to move to the Dakota territory. As the time passes, Laura’s father starts working on the railroad and earn for his family. During the time he also comes up with the settlement regarding the house as he builds a beautiful little house for the family. The house build comes to be the first on the shores of the Silver Lake that give rise to a new town on the shores of Silver Lake. This gives an end to their wagon travels as they settle down in the Silver lake town.

    The whole story again is all about the struggles and efforts the family share when they move on to another place and build another little house to live together. They never feel apart and stay up for improving their lives until they are settled for sure.
    This Fifth book relates to the other books including  Little House in the Big Woods ,Little House on the Prairie and On the Banks of Plum Creek and gives a complete picture of how the family develops their future together and live a happy life.

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