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Sick Girl

Sick Girl by Rachel Hargrove is a brilliant title to a story that can thrill you in no time by its abrupt story development and the twists that a reader never expects so sudden to happen are there in abundance. That’s why the story attracts the attention of the listener or the reader right from the first word. Aubrey the sick girl, who is not so much sick physically as much she is disturbed and sick mentally wants the love and care of Tom the neurologist whom she came more close because of her physical condition. The relation misleads her or she is too much attracted to the man that she is unable to resist the charm of a married man who has two children. The story shows the psychological disturbance of the twenty-five-year-old Aubrey who is attracted to the neurologist, not because of love but because he was the only one close to her in that sick condition and now she wants to have him forever. The evil plan of Aubrey of killing the wife of his love suddenly strikes as out of nowhere and the desperate attempt haunts us further in the story. There is also a plan made by Aubrey because of which she makes herself a close friend of Tom’s wife, this shows that she is mentally not that sick as she is wise enough to execute her plan in a cool and calm manner without blowing up her cover. Aubrey’s character is handled well by Avery Reid in the narration; the ups and downs in her feelings and character are fully described with sentiments as well.

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