Sidney Sheldon’s Angel of the Dark

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Michael Kramer gets the job done one more time as the narrator for the show and his services for such books has been great no doubt. The narrator starts narrating the story about a real psychopath this time, created none other than the master of suspense i.e Sidney Sheldon. Story is about the murder of an old millionaire who gets killed in a violent way. When Danny comes to the scene he observes that the young wife of the old man is in a bad state. She has been beaten and raped after which she was left with the dead body of her husband.

The woman was the only witness of the entire crime and Danny developed an association with her because of whatever happened to her. Later when Danny tried to investigate further, the woman just disappeared without any kind of trace. Danny was really disturbed after that because he felt the grief on what had happened to that innocent woman. Years later when Danny got married and was leading a happy life, he got the chance to meet Matt who was the son of the murdered millionaire.

Matt told Danny about his own investigation about his father’s murder and he also told him about two more murders that happen to be identical but they took place in different parts of the world. It seems that the same woman is actually planning the entire thing again and again to get the property of the old billionaires. Sidney Sheldon and Tilly Bagshawe are at their best in this novel. Memories of Midnight or Sidney Sheldon’s Mistress of the Game will also allow you to look deep in the psychology of the criminal world. There is nothing more fabulous than to move on the strange paths with the writer of your choice.

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