Siege and Sacrifice

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Siege and Sacrifice: Numina, Book 3

Siege and Sacrifice is book 3 of the Numina Series. The novel is a science fiction fantasy for teens specifically, but other could also find their source of joy in this epic fantasy novel. Thanks to the brilliant writing done for this novel by Charlie N. Holmberg, who has time and again proved his worth with outclass writing in the fantasy writing domain. If you want to know how good Charlie N. Holmberg is as a writer then you should checkout his other well-written novels including The Will and the Wilds and Followed by Frost.

For Siege and Sacrifice, you will hear the phenomenally strong and stern voice of the narrator-duo of Scott Merriman and Lauren Ezzo who managed to make this audiobook a memorable one.

In this novel, you will see the prime character Sandis finally coming out of the imprisonment of her master and also from his plans. This freedom will now let her to employ herself as a vessel in case of the ancient monster Kolosos.

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Kolosos has the reputation of being massive, ancient and unbeatable. Fortunately, this time Sandis has her very own master and he is smeone, who she can call at will. Moreover, Rone and Sandis also might have found the bog secret to surely defeat Koloson. This secret could be the right key for gaining victory and at the same time also to save Anon as well.

The price for this victory or the magical secret is steep and Sandis is fully determined to pay it. Rone might not be ready for all this and his efforts for saving Sandis is all that pulls them apart and in a difficult situation. Member Benefit

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