Sifting Through the Ashes

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Zombies look to be on the stronger side since the last two episodes and the cracks are becoming visible in the ranks of the human warriors. Something is just not right in the Etna station because guys from the inside have become tired of this continuous resistance. Some think that war can still be fought against the zombies and for others, the war was lost decades ago and they are living with the ashes now. Sooner or later the zombies will come for their flesh and bones too so it is not of any worth to fight and make their death more troublesome.

Michael was the sole hero standing against the odds in The Trembling Path and here he alone symbolizes humanity which has become hard to find. Michael shows signs of worry for the well being of his family and the friends with whom he is left after the deadly fights. If an attack now comes to Etna the base might not be able to withstand that havoc.

Not only from the outside but also on the inside the strength has been crumbling. Mark Tufo uses the old pattern in this part; the author used this technique in Asgard too were he on the verge of destruction provided the humans with strong allies.

In this part just when things go dark from all sides we listen to Sean Runnette’s voice telling about the approach of a rescue crew who has come to save Etna. With men coming from a long-forgotten station there develops hope in war after many years and perhaps we will see the turning of the tides.

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