Sign of Chaos

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Mad Hatter’s tea party the next trouble Merlin landed in has turned into a death game for him. People in the party want to get rid of him and there are some faces that he recognizes i.e the ex-girlfriend that died in Trumps of Doom.  Ex-girlfriend is back but why does she need revenge from the boy who tried to save her is not understandable.

Searching for a way out the computer genius starts to feel tired and thinks that he is in a trap with no door that leads out. Fight with the Fire Angle was not easy because the creature was indestructible but it became weak during a fight with another demon and thus got killed by the help of a proper weapon.

Soon after this allies are made in the form of Jasra who now seems to be in her senses and Mandor the step brother. Finally the three with their combined effort find a way out of the storm and into the world of Amber where they originally belong. On their return to the Amber they witness many things at the same time; firstly the Keep of the Four Worlds has serious issues.

Secondly they get the shocking news about the reality of Mask; it was actually Julia in the disguise of the Mask. Roger Zelazny shows his mode of winding up this story too at the end of this book and it is Wil Wheaton’s voice that we will listen in narration till the tenth part. This episode in the dreamland can be compared with Sign of the Unicorn in which there were also such amazing creatures and scenes.


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