Silken Prey

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Twenty third part appears with a surprise for Davenport who gets a chance to be with a woman who could prove very dangerous for everyone around. Scandals, murders and the political game are on the rise which is not what Davenport usually deals with. The political fixer gets a bat on the head and luckily he is not dead in the first pounding but then he gets another one that completes the task.

Who kidnapped him from his doorstep no one knows as there is nothing except the trace of blood that came out of his head in the first smash. Lucas Davenport never wanted another case at this time because he was busy in the previous one and was quite occupied in many ways.

The case becomes more time consuming and irritating when everything leads to a woman who is a Machiavelli fan, bound to see everything in a different way the woman is a tough ask. She lives in a utopia created by her own mind where everything is analyzed according to its utility.

The dangerous thing is that if something does not possess utility than according to the lady it should seize to exist. John Sandford has never created such a strong woman who could stand equal to the might investigator before. In Masked Prey and Bloody Genius too the characters of women were not significant at all. Richard Ferrone also dealt with a woman character in narration for the first time in so much detail but this task is accomplished very nicely.

The ladies causal behavior towards the serious things is the most attractive thing. She does not put heed to the questions that the investigator asks and she is not worried about the suspicion that rests on her.

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