Sin & Salvation

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War is on and Kieran along with Lexi now has to pay the price because they have started all of this against San Francisco’s demigod. Plan was actually to save the people and the families from war and that’s why Kieran started to get rid of Valens men one by one. This slow process is now noticed by Valens and he is coming for those who have planned ill against him.

Lexi from the start knew that the two were not sufficient for the fight thus she has gathered an army of her own. Whole army that Kieran and Lexi have at their disposal is not worthy to fight against the demigod but at least these men like creatures can buy some time for the main characters. Mordecai’s interference in the war is soon expected and things would soon become deadly for the human race and Lexi knows that her family would be the first in the way of the evil.

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Lexi has been hiding few things about her in Sin & Chocolate and Sin & Magic but now she thinks that it is time to show the world her true identity. There was a reason that she was selected by Kieran in the first place, one thing is for sure that she is not human.

K.F. Breene is not ending the series rather the author is taking it to an extreme level where the true powers of the main character would be unleashed. Khristine Hvam gives everything to this part because here the fight fully starts and the creatures of both worlds finally decide on which side they originally are.



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