Sin & Spirit

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Lexi supported Kieran fully in Sin & Salvation and finally he has earned his seat as the ruler of San Francisco. Things though still are not going well for the power couple; there was a reason that Lexi always wanted to live in isolation so that she could spend a life unnoticed. But now she has been noticed by Hades Demigods and they want her back in their band.

It was her destiny by birth that she would one day become a member of Hades team; being with Kieran means that she wants to defy her destiny. Defying destiny is not an easy thing, especially if Hadesā€™ forces are after you and ready to force you to fulfill for what you were born for. Lexi is fully aware that the evil that seeks her will not go empty handed and it might kill Kieran and everybody else that she loves in the process.

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Going back to the devil is not the future that she has planned for herself so she makes arrangements and deadly one no doubt. Last of the Spirit Walker is brought and Lexi wants to know everything there is related to the world of magic so that she would get ample powers to defend herself and protect her loved ones.

The thing is not easy as the audience is already told by K.F. Breene that Lexi can lost her physical existence forever if something goes wrong in the entire process. Khristine Hvam keeps on with what the narrator started in Sin & Chocolate . Only one thing that the fans are arguing on regarding the series is that the emotions and romance is decreasing because the author is giving more time to paranormal stuff now.



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