Sizzling Sixteen

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Stephanie Plum’s life has been a total disaster when it comes to her love life. She has been spending life with two men and she still cannot decide whom she loves and towards whom she is attracted for other things. Over the years in her life as a bounty hunter, she has made a lot of friends but in the whole team, none can help her or soothe her heart a little. True friends and the trustworthy alliance is not seen quite often in this series.

Also for the main character, it has been mostly for the sake of money as she is not seen trying to make a name for herself in the field. At one moment she decides to quit and the next moment a big offer of money stops her after all one has to pay the house rent too while living in a big city. Janet Evanovich thus has not presented a character that could become a yardstick for the fans but still, she has been awesome in so many ways.

First of all one great thing about Stephanie is that she is a real-life character who is in for the greed of money and then some nights with Joe and Ranger are not an immoral thing for her. This novel has almost all the characters which we observed in different books like Four to Score and Seven Up in the past many years. Characters like Grandma and Connie are back for the show and then one cannot miss the Ranger and Joe who have always been with Stephanie for their private purposes. For Lorelei King it was a very serious job as narrating so many characters at once is always a tough ask for the narrator.

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