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Sarah Pekkanen’s work in the powerful voice of Madeleine Maby has been making quite an impression on the minds of the listeners for quite a while now. Both of them understand each other and are working as a good pair. Several books like The Perfect Neighbors and The Opposite of Me can prove the strength in the writing and voice of this pair that is widely liked by the public now.

We see relation establishing and vanishing in Sarah’s work, here too the husband is trying to start the life allover after changing the previous rules of course. The husband and wife have been together right from their High-Schools and they have been madly in love with each other since then. Life was never easy for them in the initial period of their life as a couple but now after years of hard work they made a notable career.

Being economically strong they plan to shift their house from West Virginia to Washington which they hope would suit them even more. Julia the High- end event planner look to lure more prestigious clients for her and Michael thinks of opening another outlet of his sports drink company there.

Ironically the city does not support their family life as they start getting away from one another. Living among each other’s company does not remain their passion anymore because the hasty city life has attraction of its own. Relationships in big cities can end up in an instant and most of the time you cannot even tell the reason behind your break up.  The story also gives us the inside story of such kind of a breakup. It is beautifully written and the plot has no weakness at all.




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    The Opposite of Me

    Start with Why


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