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A girl with a strange type of dreams appears in front of us as we start this wonderful series by opening its first book. The girl in the novel wants to be a pilot but not to engage herself in the war that spreads al around her making the human race go extinct; she wants to save the mankind from the adverse effects of war.

She wants to add a positive note to the upcoming future that appears to be grim for the next generation. Thus Brandon Sanderson paints Spensa as a positive force in the whole of negativity that is going to engulf mankind sooner or later. 

Spensa also fights another battle since her childhood, an incident that haunts her like a nightmare and proves to be the biggest threat between her and the fulfillment of her dreams and its none other than her father’s single deed that has dropped the image of her family among the pilots.

Spensa’s father was a pilot too but he stranded his team on a serious occasion that not only resulted in the failure of their plan but also resulted his own death, since then the pilots all around does not look at her father’s name with respect as they are now considered as traitors though nothing was ever proved on the family or Spensa’s father.

The heroic tone of the novel makes us remember The Way of Kings and The Final Empire that also possess wonderful action scenes full of valor and bravery. Suzy Jackson’s narration proves to be picture perfect with the series, the narrator delivers the forceful tones to perfection and also the light humor and then corrosive action everything is managed well.




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