Slashes in the Snow

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The story certainly contains certain dark aspects of life where you fail to find a way forward in life. M. Never has created a story with a confusing plot and this is because the story does not open at once, it unfolds in a slow manner, developing through the help of different scenes and the dialogue of the characters. One secret after another is revealed to us and each time we are horrified by the magnitude of terror that it contains.

The freaked out situation is a usual routine element of the writer which can be observed in Moto and Claimed as well. However, the brotherly romance is a new thing to find especially when it is found between two stepbrothers of totally different nature.

The main character is the one who is presented as a cowardly sort of a person who is afraid of almost everything, even his own shadow terrorizes him because he thinks that someone is after him all the time, chasing him so that he could kill him when the time is right.

Because of all this, he thinks of no other thing than finding a refuge in his brother’s house who is the president of a motorcycle club and knows well how to tackle such people who threaten the innocent for their personal pleasure.

The story is narrated by three narrators Jacob Morgan, Muffy Newtown, and Ryan West, all of them have coordinated well in narrating in the voices of a different character with absolutely different characters.  The scenes that are spooky in nature or have a mystery element in them are narrated in a whispering tone that makes them more effective for the listener.




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