Slathbog’s Gold

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Slathbog’s Gold marks the start of another fantastic series. The series is titled as Adventures Wanted and it is suitable for preteens and even under-10 kids. However, the content is interesting, which the adult audience can find fascinating as well. The author of this novel is M. L. Forman and his other considerable novels include The Axe of Sundering and The Horn of Moran.

The narration of this novel is handled brilliantly by E. B. Stevens.

Do you have the wits, the courage and the much needed skill to claim a hoard of the dragons? If so, then apply within. This is a small sign tucked somewhere in the corner of a bookshop window of Mr. Clutter.

That says: “Adventures Needed. Apply Within”. Alex, a 15 years old guy even seems to have noticed that it is there. He was someone who has wished for a big change in his own life. And, this for him was a very irresistible invitation. Once he entered the shop of Mr. Clutter, he swept away somewhere on an enormous adventure to a far land, which was filled with a number of heroic warriors, some hard-working dwarves and some mysterious elves as well.

Alex was the 8th man in a group of adventurers who were looking for the lair of the Slathbog the Red. This was actually an evil dragon who was known for having some legendary treasure. All along the way on his adventure, he along with some his friends should fight against the dangerous bandits and trolls and also to face up against the undead wraiths as well. He was also supposed to look for the wisdom of Oracle who was in her White Tower.

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