Sleeping Dogs Lie

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Sleeping Dogs Lie-A Novella

From the author who has created brilliant thrilling stories in the past, this is another gift for the fans all around the globe. Samantha Downing is a true champion in the creation of thrillers. Melanie Nicholls-King and Lindsey Dorcus have narrated this book so it will appear a bit different as compared to My Lovely Wife and He Started It.

In both of these previous books, there was a story that got connected to murder mystery later on. This story moves on in the present and it is about a dog walker who had nothing to do with the murder. Shelby was on her bi-weekly trip with the dog named Pluto and on her return to the mansion, she found the owner of the dog lying dead on the ground.

Todd Burke i.e the owner of the dog was not an ordinary gentleman rather he was the owner of an organic supplement company. The man had no enmity of any kind apparently thus finding him dead was a surprising thing for everyone. The police and the local detectives came to the scene very quickly and they started investigating the matter.

After a thorough examination of the house, it was revealed that the man was not living a completely neat life. Shelby and the dog also get involved in the case because they were the last two who saw Todd alive before they left the house. Investigation makes the case appear complex after every step and a simple case turns into a deep murder mystery. Shelby never thought she would get involved in such a thing but she decides to get it done finally.

Sleeping Dogs Lie Sleeping Dogs Lie

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