Slip Runner

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Get ready for the journey which is not going to be slow. J.N. Chaney and M.F. Lerma do not like anything slow at any stage. These are master class authors who have been ruling the hearts of their fans for decades. Get ready to listen to the story of Cole Riker who happens to be a Slip Runner. The man used to be the best in the business and he still is but when the story opens there are a few troubling things for Cole.

He is not working freely on his own rather there is a contractor who is telling him what to do. Going by the rules is the only way Cole is going to be able to save his skin. He is trapped in a deadly plot and he cannot go against the orders. His contractor has asked him to go and look for wrecked alien ships.

In exchange for that wreckage, Cole gets paid and his life is kept on track. On one occasion Cole gets to a place that he has not searched before because the sector was not there on the map. The excitement and fear are shown through the voice of the narrator Neill Thorne. Here Coles does not only finds the wreckage rather there is something else that he might be needing later on.

Cole was not hoping for such a turn in his life so he is not going to leave this opportunity when it is so within his reach. Don’t forget to include Kingdom Come and Alpha Strike in your stock if you are getting these books in bulk. These books can really make your day if you are a true fan of fiction.

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