Small Favor

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Getting settled in so many ways is landmark achieved for Harry who has been living under different threats for many years. Getting involved in so many battles make this peaceful life look quite odd to him. Nobody is trying to take over the world and the zombies are also not rising from the graveyard anymore.

Heaven in which Harry was living suddenly got a jolt when some events of his past refreshed themselves in front of him. The author Jim Butcher always brings a Tsunami in the wizard’s life when he is not ready for it at all, parts like Dead Beat and White Night had such things in plenty. The wizard once made a bargain with dangerous powers of the wizard world and now it is time to fulfill that bargain. The Queen of Air and Darkness wants Harry to return the favor and he just cannot say no to it.

Returning the favor however is not like returning a borrowed book; Harry must put his life on the line to complete the task that is allotted to him. The queen too knows that only he can complete the deal because he hasn’t failed until now, to Harry’s bad luck the ally or helper that he finds in the task is not friendly at all.

Full stars for the narrator James Marsters this time, he has been performing well all the way but since the previous book the series needed more concentration from his side. And the narrator has not ignored the thing at all; the addition of the sounds and the intensity is never lost. The voice is like an appealing magic that brings us closer to the series after each part.



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