Small Gods

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Young lad Brutha had some noble desires in his heart from the very beginning but he never expected that he would become the chosen one. He gets the chance to talk directly to the gods which motivates him even more. Throughout his life he has been cultivating melons and that is what he does best. The young boy also wanted to get rid of the church too because it was corrupt but he never had the power to do so. Power is something that he still lacks but now after the chat with the god he looks determined.

Church has been the cause of many wars on the Discworld but a war against it also looks unholy. He wants to change the people or to get rid of him and thus has no grudge against the institute. There is one philosopher among the people who has his own wild ideas about the Discworld and he wants to the gods to choose on his request.

Among all these issues stands the chosen one who has to keep the Discworld united because this is what the gods want. Terry Pratchett brings in some portion of religion in the fantasy world that he has created. The author has done that firstly because he wants to make the world appear as a real world in front of the audience. Secondly, he wants to take the war to the next level this time in which we will see religion and politics at the same time.

Also the characters look more human as compared to Sourcery and Mort because there is less magic and more religious issues. Nigel Planer has handled things quite difficultly in the narration section because all the main characters were men this time and a female voice was really not suited.

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